Concord Sportsmen's Club

 We are dedicated to promoting the sport of rifle, pistol and shotgun shooting, archery, encouraging the safe handling of firearms, and the conservation of all natural resources and wildlife. We offer programs for youth and women shooters. We invite you and your family to visit our facility and attend our social meetings.

 Hi Concord Sportsmen members,
We have the Action Pistol range reserved this next Sunday, February 28th and although we will still need to practice our SOCIAL DISTANCING and WEAR FACE COVERINGS, we should be able to have some fun and get a little shooting in. Please remember that all of us at USI must obey the County Health Assessment requirements, so please don’t come if you’re sick, have a temperature or have a friend or family member that is diagnosed with COVID-19 or showing any symptoms. If we can not maintain SOCIAL DISTANCING or wearing our FACE COVERINGS we will be asked to leave.
Concord Sportsmen